The Worlds Most Creative CVs: These are insane.

Let's get straight into it. Variety is the spice of life, and when looking for a job, sometimes the traditional process simply isn't enough for some. Within some industries, it's advantageous to tread the creative line when it comes to how you approach and sell yourself to your prospective employer. Graphic designers will always provide sleek, quirky, great looking CVs, because that's their first stage to show off their skills. Animators and video creators may provide content through the form of video, to again, show what they can do, and sell themselves differently to their prospective employer. Salespeople might contact organisations directly and sell themselves over the phone into the vacancy they’ve seen.

The way you portray your creativity when looking for a job is entirely down to the type of industry you’re in, and the type of person you are. You can inject a bit of creativity within any stage of the job seeking process – it could be something unique and personalised included in your cover letter, a creative or animated CV, a unique blog post for the new copywriting team you’re looking to join, and everything in-between.
We’ve seen thousands of CVs. Being a job search site, it just kinda happens! What that does mean, is we get to see some seriously awesome content and creativity. The jobseekers on Select Jobs trust us with their privacy, so we have to respect that, however, we’ve rounded up the Top 5 CVs that are publicly available. Enjoy!


5. Creativity, with a hint of Bribery.


A candidate in San Francisco managed to attach his CV to a cleverly executed box of donuts, meaning if the hiring manager ate the donuts, they’d know all about their skills. You’ve got to admit, pretty sneaky right?

4. Google Analytics.

At a glance, this might look like a simple Google Analytics dashboard. Look a little closer, and it’s packed with facts, evidence, clever design work, and a fantastic interactive way to display your skills to your next employer. After all, if you’ve produced 8,376,722 powerpoint slides to date, you’d want to shout about it, right?

3. A perfectly clean showcase.

This CV by Elliot Hasse offers a fantastic visual example of his necessary skills. There are multiple call-to-actions, and a perfect example of an infographic CV. It’s fair to say, Elliot Hasse probably stood out when applying for his next job at this point.

2. A ‘prime’ example of creativity.       

We’re ashamed of that pun, but had to include it. In all seriousness Philippe Dubost as provided a CV in a format resembling a platform that 99% of people will be familiar with. Including elements of comedy, like ‘Frequently Bought Together’, and ‘Add to Cart’ allows the employer to keep a light-hearted tone when interacting with Philippe’s CV. Once again, amazing creativity, and a clear desire to stand out.
This wasn’t just a mock-up either, this was a genuine Amazon page for himself, with working buttons, interactive links, and genuine ‘product’ images. Outstanding!

  1. Interactive Genius.



Meet Mr Leonardi.  Words aren’t needed with this example in all honesty, the CV speaks for itself. Creativity, entrepreneurialism, uniqueness. This concludes our list of the top 5 most creative CVs.

Creativity, in Recruitment, is always welcomed. Chances are, the Recruiters you may be looking to apply to, could sift through hundreds of CVs each day. By differentiating yours, you’ll leave a lasting impression, and it could possibly give you the edge.
If you’ve created an interactive, creative, or bonkers CV, please do send it over to us – we love all things unique. If you’re rocking a totally different CV – we’d love to see it! (


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