The Modern Job Advert: An Example

The Modern Job Advert: An Example


With millions of adverts live across the UK every day, it’s fairly difficult to know how to stand out. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably found us through our article on The 3 Steps To Writing A Killer Job Advert.

Senior Sales Executive (Example Advert)


We’re pretty cool to work for, and you’re awesome at what you do. Here’s why this partnership is going to be amazing. You, in order to apply, will have:

  • A minimum of 4 Years Sales experience within Software/Digital/Media/Advertising sectors.

  • Be within a commutable distance to our modern offices in London

  • Be willing to compete in our monthly table-tennis tournament

  • Be a fan of company drinks and days out

  • Must be focused, innovative, and to do everything within your power to achieve the goals set for you


Now we’ve got the essentials out of the way, it would be particularly cool if you could have the following:

  • The desire to hit targets before expected.

  • The total drive to overachieve.

  • Experience within the Recruitment Advertising/Advertising Agency space.

  • A taste for fruit cider (our office mini-fridges are stacked full of them!)

  • Experience using a CRM to track leads, deals, prospects and pipelines.


Now here’s where we write about us. We could say so much, but we’ll keep in short. We’d rather you came to look for yourself.

  • Salary: £30,000 basic + £25,000 OTE (£55k Package)

  • Hours: 09:00 – 18:00, Monday-Friday (no weekend work)

  • 22 Days Holiday

  • Weekly catch-ups down the local pub

  • Monthly trips away (Thorpe Park, Go Ape, etc)

  • Annual holiday incentive – last year was all inclusive to Barcelona!


It’s incredibly difficult for us to put into words what it’s like to be within our office, as it really is, a see it, feel it, to believe it. Here’s just a few of the events and occurrences from the last few weeks, to give you an idea on what goes on at HQ:

Throughout the whole of last week, Jack and Jason from sales, were going back and forth about who was better at table tennis. The whole office were hearing it, and ended up placing their bets. So, at 6pm, on Friday, after hearing about it for an entire week, they went head to head on our table-tennis table, and the whole office stayed to watch. We brought in some popcorn, drinks and snacks, and let the games unfold. We won’t tell you the outcome, as you’ll probably hear it from the man himself when he introduces himself to you.

In addition to this, Robbie, in Marketing, achieved his greatest ever post reach through a digital campaign, and managed to provide the Sales Team with over 60 new business leads within just one week. The Sales guys took Robbie out for drinks and food at the pub.

Two weeks ago, on Friday, it was the end of the month. Everyone had overachieved against their targets, collectively, by 146%. They absolutely smashed it, and we couldn’t be more proud. We sent them home after lunch as a surprise. They earned it, they deserve it.

We don’t do things by the book, or have a huge corporate structure with hundreds of boxes that need to be ticked after a task is completed. We believe in autonomy, and allowing our staff to calculate the best route in which to complete a task. If they’re struggling to find a route, we’ll help out. We don’t work for each other, we work with each other, and as a team, I believe we work incredibly well.

If this sounds like the sort of culture you’d like to be a part of, and most importantly match our business-critical criteria set out above, we’d love it if you just gave the ‘Apply Now’ button a tickle. We’d love to hear from you.

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