The Foolproof CV: Beginners

The Foolproof CV: Beginners

Posted: 31.05.2017
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CV Writing for Beginners

You may be thinking that there are a huge number of
aspects and pointers to bear in mind when writing
your CV, but we've listed a number of key factors,
based on importance! 

1. Up to date, correct contact details. 

- Make sure you include up to date, working contact
details. The more detail you include, the greater
number of ways you could be contacted by our future
employer! Look to include your email address,
contact number and area of residence as a pure
minimum. Additional contact numbers, portfolios
(where applicable), Skype, additional email
addresses are always a bonus! 


2. Chronological Order

- This may seem obvious, but it's critical. Recruiters,
on average will spend circa 10 seconds reviewing
each CV, meaning you'll have to ensure that your
most current, up to date experience is listed right at
the forefront of the page. This'll act as the 'hook' for
Recruiters to ensure they continue to read through
your list of skills and experience.

CV Review

3. Referees

- It's important to include information about where the
potential employer can find Referees for your
previous work. This not only shows organisation from
you, but shows that you have left previous
employment on good terms, and have people to
vouch for your success to date. 

CV Review

4. Explain Gaps in Employment

- It's a well known fact that Recruiters may discard a
CV based on a lack of detail surrounding a gap in a
CV. A simple explanation that offers detail into why
you were unable to work over a certain period shows
the Recruiter that you're understanding of the
process the Recruiter/Employer goes through, and
offers an answer to an outstanding question.
Whether you've been travelling the world, tending to
family duties or simply took a sabbatical, an
explanation always helps paint the picture!

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5. Avoid Buzzwords!

- If you were to ask a Recruiter what the most
commonly used phrases and words are on most
CV's, the answers will be 'Able to work both
independently and part of a team'
or 'hard
or 'dedicated'. In truth,
no-one will openly admit that they're lazy, disloyal
and unable to be flexible! Rather than including these
terms, try to offer examples of certain skills you've
exercised within your previous role; this'll help you to
be more visible when Recruiters are searching for

CV Review

In a nutshell, write your CV in chronological order,
stay away from generic, vague buzzwords and
include relevant contact details so that Recruiters are
able to easily reach you with relevant opportunities! 

If you've covered the above, congratulations! You're
ready to move on to to the advanced set of CV
Writing Tips -

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