AppRevealâ„¢ FAQ's

Q: Do we have to pre-pay before using AppReveal?

A: In a nutshell, no! We have both pre-paid and post-delivery
options available. You'll see greater economies of scale
when purchasing credits in bulk but this isn't essential!

Q: Are there any hidden contracts or long term tie-ins?
A: We don't believe it's healthy in a rapidly changing
market to tie you in to a substantial agreement.
Although we'd love you to stay, you're free to come
and go as you please! 

Q: If none of the applications are suitable will there be a charge?
A: Absolutely not! You'll only pay for suitable applications;
we'll let you be the judge of that. 

Q: How do we review the applications without paying?
A: You will be presented with a CV which has had
contact details removed alongside details of the job
that they've applied for, how many applications you've
received for that job and how many you've 'approved'. 

You'll have two options below the CV, 'Reveal' or 'Reject'
- upon clicking 'Reveal', the CV will refresh and you'll
be presented with the full candidate CV and +1
will be added to your counter of 'Approved' applications.

Q: Will my adverts be branded?
A: All of our adverts are branded free of charge! We'll upload
your logo in all of it's glory. It also wouldn't
be a problem should you wish for your advert
to be anonymous. 

Q: Are there any %age placement fees or costs?
A: Not at all. You'll pay only for 'Revealed' applications without
any further admin fees or charges,

For any further questions, queries or requests, simply drop us an email, call or fill out our contact us page and we'd be happy to help!

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