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    Setting up a website for your professional portfolio

    Posted: 14.09.2017 Blog Image
    Whether you’re a writer looking to showcase your work or a job hunter wanting to boost your CV, creating a website for your professional portfolio could be the ticket.

    In this beginner’s guide, we’ll take you through the early stages of creating your website, including choosing a domain name, a host and an email address. 

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    The Worlds Most Creative CVs: These are insane.

    Posted: 30.08.2017 Blog Image
    For most of us, chucking some colour into the font on our CV is enough to tickle the creative tastebuds within us. For a select few individuals, their creativity is what they live off, and there's no exception when they look for a new job. These CVs are awesome!

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    The Insane Earnings Per Punch: Mayweather vs McGregor

    Posted: 29.08.2017 Blog Image
    We've taken a look into the incredible amount each fighter earned quite simply, for each punch thrown on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. The results are phenomenal. Why? A perfect example of viral social marketing/promotion.

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    4 Tips for Interview Preparation

    Posted: 14.08.2017 Blog Image
    You’ve found your dream vacancy and your CV has worked its magic. One of the final hurdles is now impressing at interview stage. Face to face. No second chances, no pretending you didn’t read that email and spend half a day thinking of a witty & smart response. 

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    The 1 Interview Secret to Beat Your Competition

    Posted: 08.08.2017 Blog Image
    Landed an interview for a job you really like the look of? Congratulations! But now you have the task of fighting for the title.

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    The Modern Job Advert: An Example

    Posted: 10.07.2017 Blog Image
    Modern job adverts embrace, colloquialism, evidence of company culture, and get rid of buzzwords. Here's an example job description we've written, designed to not only funnel irrelevant candidates, but to provide a fun, informative insight into the awesome employer brand your organisation has.

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    Graduation Season

    Posted: 29.06.2017 Blog Image
    It's university Graduation season and a whole set of newly graduated candidates will be approaching the Job Market over the coming months. Ensure you stand out from the rest with these tips & tricks for Graduates finding, and starting in their new role. 

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    The Foolproof CV: Beginners

    Posted: 31.05.2017 Blog Image
    The beginners guide to re-writing your CV! Increase your visibility to Recruiters, avoid common errors, modernise and update your CV today to  keep up to date within the ever-evolving world of online Recruitment

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    The Foolproof CV: Advanced

    Posted: 31.05.2017 Blog Image
    You've nailed the basics. You've covered our beginners guide. Now it's time to explain exactly how to allow your CV to land you your next step in your career by increasing visibility to some of the UK's most exciting brands.

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    Job Advertising Analysis

    Posted: 04.05.2017 Blog Image
    A further analysis into the key features from our affordable job advertising platform, including an insight into our Pay Per Application & AppReveal™  models.

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